Case Study: Illuminex

Local sparkies Illuminex wanted to elevate their brand presence. We offered a solution to deliver a full package that consisted of Brand Animations, Photography, and Video to build on their online presence.
With their range of photography, Illuminex can now update their website, and release quality photos for social media over time. Their new video cards will introduce their team and help to connect more personally with potential customers. These, alongside their animated logo, cool email signature gif, and brand launch video, mean that Illuminex is well-equipped to stand out.

Check out Illuminex’s project below!

Brand Launch Video

This is a short-form animated video that quickly gets Illuminex’s brand and services in front of their audience.

This video can be used on their website and can be posted on social media for extra engagement.

Logo Animation

To promote the brand and solidify its identity, a custom logo animation can be put anywhere to create a strong impression.

This can be used in any future videos, as well as posted on its own to generate engagement.

Staff Video Cards

Taking portrait photography a big step forward, these staff video cards introduce and spotlight the team, and feature the Illuminex brand elements. Each video also helps bring out the team’s personalities.

These videos can sit on the website and be posted on social media.

Action and Team Photography

Getting photos of the team together, and in action, creates a bank of content that can be released over a long period of time with various key messages.

These can be used on the website, social media, and for advertising or printed materials.

Check it out for yourself!

It was a pleasure to work with Andy and the team, and we’re stoked to hear they loved the outcome and enjoyed the process. Visit their website and social media channels to see the new marketing material in action!

Want to Chat About a Project? Let’s Talk!

Want to Chat About a Project? Let’s Talk!