HOWIE Share: Be Seen With Brand Awareness

Have you got a great service or product, but don’t feel like you’re as well-known as you’d like to be? You’re not alone! Here are 4 critical aspects to understanding brand awareness, and how to improve it to get your business seen by potential customers.

01. What is ‘brand awareness”?

Brand awareness is basically how your brand looks in the eyes of the public, and importantly, your potential customers or clients. This is really important for every business and organisation. It’s how you make sure people understand what you do and what you have to offer.

It’s also your chance to set yourself apart from all the other businesses out there. Unfortunately, having a great product or service often isn’t enough on its own – you need to get yourself in front of people so they can find out just how great you are.

02. Brand awareness builds trust and generates leads.

Having quality brand awareness really helps establish understanding and trust with your potential customers. That’s important because it’s hard for any of us to trust a business or organisation that we don’t understand!

If more people recognise exactly how you can help them, can remember your brand, and trust you as the experts, customers are more likely to approach you and keep you in mind for future opportunities.

03. Tip: Use content to get your brand out there!

Whether you want to promote yourself on your website or social media, you need content to do it!

Photo content could include capturing your team in action, different products or services you offer, or even just showing your branding off on a sign, t-shirt, or car. And there’s tons of video content you can create, like social media snippets or video for your website, to really engage with your audience.

All of these options are great to either increase people’s understanding of what you do, keep you top of mind for future work, or create trust by showing you’re the right people for the job!

04. Where do I start?

Leaving a strong impression is really important, and it does take some thought. Being intentional about your look, tone, creative ideas, and even the people you feature helps leave a really strong impression.

There are so many solutions, but things like photoshoots, brand animation, and company introduction videos are a great place to start!

Deciding how to showcase your brand can be a little bit daunting, but remember you don’t have to have all the answers! If you have a specific idea, purpose, or goal, a good creative production company will be able to support you through the whole process.

Want to Chat About a Project? Let’s Talk!

Want to Chat About a Project? Let’s Talk!